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The beginning of the end. Really?

By: Kanchi Malhotra On 31st December 2011,as clocks ticked closer to 12 o clock, different people in different time-zones all over the world, began their final countdown….10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2 annnd 1…HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012! While this countdown ended, a second countdown began, a countdown which would see itself end on the 21st  of December 2012, but the [...]

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The events that shaped 2011 and paved the way for change

By: Aditi Annapurna Like every year in the recent past of today’s world, 2011 was an eventful one. Events that could very well change the course of history came about, and the very perspective with which change was viewed was altered to great depths. The poor of nations of the world stirred into mutiny and [...]

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How the world welcomed 2012! :)

By: Ria Jethi In Spain they gorge on grapes, in Iceland they’re glued to the telly and in Chile they guzzle spoonfuls of lentils while the Colombians and Peruvians, have taken to burning effigies that represent the worst aspects of the previous year. These are just some of the traditions that herald the new year [...]