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Run The World Girls!

Please note the following article is not about Beyonce’s latest single I can’t live in Saudi Arabia. Imagine living in a country where women are not allowed to drive or to go out without a male companion. A country where you cannot be elected to any position of power because you were born with a [...]

Will Mamata Banerjee Be Able To Bring Poriborton In West Bengal?

By: Neha Sen West Bengal celebrated Dol (Holi) twice this year – the second time on 13th May 2011 when poriborton (change) came to the state. Green is now the colour of power, victory and sheer happiness and one woman – Mamata Banerjee has painted the entire state in green. Many believe that mediocrity which [...]

An Ode to the Eternal Starlet: Celebrating Elizabeth Taylor; The Icon

by: Ursila Ali A day before ‘Liz’ left us for her heavenly abode on March 23rd, I was watching ‘The Girl who had everything’. The movie in itself was forgetful with the exception of its leading lady. cited as ‘the most beautiful women to ever have lived’, her fans would not disagree. The beauty of [...]

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