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The Color that kills

By: Lata Jha     There is a reason why humans are considered distinct, supreme creations of God. We’re supposed to be rational, thinking people who don’t let our instincts and prejudices govern us always. We take deliberated actions. Our biases are evident, our feelings voiced but we act, knowing that every entity comes with [...]


The Afghan attacks: The war is always on

By: Lata Jha     They lose more than limbs. They lose, sometimes, lives. Very often, loves. And more often than not, their spirit and the will to live. An ordinary day for an Afghani would begin without knowing if he (sic) would come back home to say his prayers at night. He lives in [...]

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Adulterated Power.

By: Muskan Bhatia When Peter Parker said “With power comes great responsibility” he probably didn’t knew that someone named Mr. Strauss Kahn could exploit his immense power as an excuse to escape his notorious “sexcapades”.  Granted a $1 million bail and home detention   from a judge in New York, Mr. Kahn was accused of sexually [...]

Zuckerberg v/s the Winklevoss Brothers: Twins get a Setback

By Naina Jethalia The six-year legal feud between Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, and his arch enemies, the identical twin brothers, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, came to an end when a federal appeal court upheld the agreement signed in 2008 that gave them $65 million in cash and stocks. The Winklevoss twins, who claim that Zuckerberg [...]

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