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For the love of your feet

By: Hemul Goel We love our shoes, don’t we? We may not be able to possess them all but we can definitely have a look and drool! They are known to give us an instant high (literally if you consider heels) too. But owning a few pairs is just not enough and no we are [...]

Sultry during the chills. Hello ladies!

By: Hemul Goel     After living through seven months of heat (three of which are extreme) we anticipate the arrival of winters with great relief. However winters usher in more woes for women, like having to dress up without looking like an Eskimo (besides the dry skin, the chapped lips and brittle hair). No [...]

Big, Bold and Beautiful

By Ramsha Alam Our clothes are one of the important features which help shape our individual identities. The kind of clothes we wear and the manner in which they are worn give away a lot about us. Not all of us have been blessed with nymph-like bodies like those of Kate Moss, Tyra Banks or [...]

Nothing to Wear! Really Now?

By Ursila Ali  These are your peak years ladies! College/student life is never coming back. Yet each morning as you set yourself to open your dresser, you feel that horrid twist in the pit of your stomach. The hundred garments strewn in all corners of the cupboard fail to satisfy you. You have a major [...]

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