What We’re All About


With journalism today acquiring more than a tinge of yellow and mighty journalists going ra ra radia we present to you an online magazine, which looks for satire in the age of letters and technology- a MEDIA FOR CHANGE initiative -The Saltlist.

Who are ‘we’ ?The Saltlist started out as a faculty-studnet initiative which only works with budding journalists to mentor them and create content which is honest, fearless and engages with the youth as a key stakeholder in our attempt to make things of all things that make up our world and who we are. Conceptualized by our mentor,founder and editor-in-chief, Subi Chaturvedi, in a classroom on the 1st of April 2011 we came out with the first issue on 4th April after three days of burning the midnight oil (but never the motivational fuel). We are a community of students. You know its dedication when students meet deadlines for non – coursework related things.

‘Hello world….we are here to change you’. We are the ‘we’ here. Yes, idealistic, but hell, reality was someone’s idea. ‘We’ want to be that someone.

Why The Saltlist ?

Why not? And if not us, then who? Why wait for that ‘who’ when ‘we’ can take the reins in our hands? There is way too much happening in the world for us to keep quiet. There is way too much happeniing in OUR world for us to keep quiet. Right from opinion pieces on patriachy and despotic rulers to soulful poetry to fashion tips to grassroot ethical news reporting to random rants, The Saltlist is a platform representing a wide array of interests we would like to specialize in as future journalists. We also have our very own Salt TV! for hypermedia. We have an opinion and we’re proud to voice it. Freedom of speech and expression we believe is vital in our engagement with the great democracy that is India and look for sustainable models and vignettes where e can make governance come closer to the governed.

Not convinced? Let our founder, mentor and editor-in-chief Subi Chaturvedi expand on The Saltlist-

Reading Gandhi. Everyday object. Locating a site of protest. No rest. Go pansy. There’s a load on your chest. Can’t do without it. It was free & then they taxed it. Speech was free. Now you pay for it. On Wall street.There are walls. On the highway. Information costs big bucks. Wit & humour. Some Sour. Some Dour. Some Images. Some Verse. Some more text. Some rain. Some thirst. Political. Local. National. Regional. Across the Divide. On the other Side. Fence Sitters. Bull shitters. Plain Bitters. Pockets full of Roses. Pennies & Lemons. All too many. The school girls. All grown up. Dump the Nanny. Fanny went to town. A Certain Ms.Nadia went around. Butt naturally. Truant gatekeeprs. Weepers Jeepers. SATIRE. Zeepers. Bloopers. Stoopers. Poopers. Poop kids too. With upset tummies. Mother. Mary went missing. SALT got LISTED. The Lambs grew up. AGEless.Timeless. Fearless.Voices. Some notes.She wrote. Blank Verse. Scraps of paper. Crumpled. LETTERS.Comments. views. News. Colours. In all their hues. Swirls of Pink. Purple. Yellow. Blue. Green. Grass. Orange skies. Marmalade trees. Affairs. National. International. Mysteries. Cinema. Food.Chineese Whispers. Sheesh. How about some Cheese. Grapeseeds. Bond Street. High TECH. Story tellers. Revolutionaries. Naysayers. Soothsayers. Bling. In betweens. Alternatives. Mainstreamers. New. Space. Kids. Nosy parkers. Strategic anaLISTS. Fistful of gumption. Hell raisers. Zing. Bling. SALTLISTERS. All.

Its Satire in the- Age of- Letters and-Technology
Welcome to TheSaltlist

(Chief Mentor, Founder, Editor-In-Chief)

We are a startup oozing confidence, so hold us to ground when we falter. And become the wind beneath our wings with constructve criticism. Incase you think the online magazine is a cracker, do let us know. In short, we value your feedback a lot more than the whales and the sharks with bins full of ‘Letters to the Editor’.

We have tons of things in the pipeline, will let you know when they are set in stone. Happy reading!