Ready, Set, Go!

 By Tanya Yadav (Sub Editor, International Section)




Life’s a race, no? It isn’t. But getting into Delhi University sure has turned into one, right from the word go. June, the fifth – the day set for the grand marathon to begin is here, and so is the fanfare. The common forms for all colleges in DU (except Jesus and Mary College and St. Stephen’s College) have been made available to all. The buzz and excitement around town has set the temperature rising, apparently to match the Delhi heat.

The next few weeks will witness analysis and cross analysis of the rising number of applicants, the skyrocketing cutoffs et al. But this time, what will occupy center-stage (just as it already is) is the newly introduced four-year Under-Graduate Program – which, in a nutshell, will offer the students a choice of two Discipline Courses, in which they will major and minor respectively; and a host of new-fangled Foundation Courses. And also, everyone gets a free laptop! The haste that this system has developed out of, is not only subjecting it to some serious flak, but is also affecting students’ choices. Nevertheless, the quest for the best has commenced.

And we, at The SaltList, do not want you to be under-prepared for anything! Here’s a list of all that you need to keep in mind while you’re out on an application form filling venture (and this doesn’t apply to just DU):

  • It’s Delhi, and it’s hot! Make sure you carry enough water on you, because the queues are going to be long.
  • Carry at least four photocopied sets of your official documents and certificates.
  • Carry two black ball point pens, and fill all your forms with them.
  • Fill your form out carefully. Be clear. Be concise. The forms are not sorted and read manually and the machines cannot read your mind. If you ruin the form, get a new one. Do not try to erase the mistake or use correction ink. Chances are your form will be rejected.
  • Keep your stationery handy. Stapler, glue, HB pencil – all inclusive.
  • If you’re confused, keep your options open and apply to all the courses you think are suitable for you.

The race has begun. The staff and students are all up for a challenge – in the face of the burgeoning number of applications as well as the new curriculum.

Let’s hope they emerge triumphant.



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