Wake Up/Snooze – Your Choice

By Tanya Krishnoth (Sub Editor, International Section)






It has happened. Again. And this time it is but a 5 year old. And why? Because she’s a girl.

Headlines – “5-year old RAPED in Delhi” – flooded the media, left, right and centre. It’s a brutal recap of what seems to have become a national pastime.

After the infamous December 16 Case, all of us, somewhere, thought that the worst was over – what with people coming up and taking responsibility, protesting et al. But we were wrong. It made news for some time (while rapes continued to happen all over the country) but faded away in time, people went back to their lives and the society saw negligible change in the attitude towards women.

Who’s to blame? The law system – which doesn’t see any real time implementation? Or the Government in power, which only seems to trivialize the cause of women, given its attitude? Or the others, namely, the opposition, which only seems to come to light when there seems to be an opportunity adequate enough to blame the ruling government?

Every morning, women from all walks of life step bravely out of their homes, to go to work. And all this time, they face the unknown (Although it would be wrong to say that they are completely safe in the bounds of their own homes). She’s judged, humiliated, made uncomfortable in every which way – all because of the fact that she made a choice. To step out. To be independent. She fights these battles all alone, for the society only watches the spectacle and comments on how the woman asks for it to happen.

The point here, being, that most of these arguments/counter-arguments don’t even stand when it comes to a 5 year old child.

It has almost turned cyclical now, for anything that happens. From social media to broadcast to print. Then come the protests and then the story dies. And the Government, with all due respect, remains a silent spectator. The process inadvertently repeats itself. And all we’re left with is pending court hearings, dusty files and a grim memory in the mind and a sustained fear in the heart, of what happened.

We’re in a state of deep sleep. We put the alarm to snooze every time it rings. And it has rung 181 times in a span of 15 days. It’s time that laws be implemented. It’s time we make change happen. It’s time we wake up. It’s time.

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