Take a Bow, RD

By Anushka Kaushik (Associate Editor)






One of the fondest memories I have, of my childhood and adolescence (ongoing, I must add) was waiting every month for the delivery of the copy of the Reader’s Digest. This was followed by another round of polite waiting undergone so that all members of my family could finish combing through its contents and I would have the almost delicious-looking copy all to myself.

Initially, the first section to grab my interest was the ‘one with all the jokes’ (as I described it then), aptly titled “Laughter! The Best Medicine”. As I grew older, and so did the magazine, my attention was sought by RD Living, Quotable Quotes, even the Editor’s Note and before I realized, the digest-sized magazine became an indispensible part of my life. It saddens me immensely that henceforth I will refer to Reader’s Digest in the past tense because as of February 2013, the parent company of the magazine, RDA Holding, has declared bankruptcy and their future production is highly unlikely.

Reader’s Digest, putting it simply and concisely, had everything. It was an almost-perfect blend of features, lifestyle stories, opinion editorials and of course, the incredible and varied humour. It comprehensively and absolutely fulfilled every aim that it sought to achieve. Now, that statement may be presumptuous because after all, true objectives and intentions are almost always unclear. So, thus, let me tell you, dear reader that the one thing they incontrovertibly did achieve, was that they won hearts, along with marking a circulation of approximately six crores as of June 2012.

One of the main reasons for this could be that RD managed to engage its consumers and readers like none of its competitors. The user-generated content in the magazine was always high and only increased as the times changed and proliferation of cheap and easily-available technology catapulted.

One of my personal favourites was the ‘Word Power’ section that always managed to introduce me to a host of words I never knew existed. (And, no, it wasn’t just me). The RD Face to Face had one of the best interview sections in print media. Their cover stories were impeccably done. Fact of the matter is, I could continue praising their work for all eternity because it has been brilliant and deserves that and so much more.

But in the end, I would simply like to say that Reader’s Digest was by, for, with the readers, always.

And it shall be sorely missed.


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