Rare Essentials

By Sakshi Bhalla (Editor)





It’s time we go beyond what we see everyday. It’s time we bring in some experimentation, some variety.  We, at TSL, are believers of style in absolute, unfettered commonality, so we bring to you a list of rare essentials (for men and women) we feel are the way to go, and would like to see more of.


Sheer Top 

The fabric falls beautifully. And with the variety of colours and patterns available, choice is never a problem. Nor is experimentation. Pair it with high-waisted pencil skirts or well fitted trousers for a formal look. Or, match it up with your favourite jeans and a scarf for a day out. Moccasins

They go well with most outfits, they’re ever so comfortable, plus they’re the perfect pick for winter – which makes them a must-have for this season! We recommend them in fawn. Or blue. You could also go for fringe boots for some variety!









Cigarette Trousers

Two reasons we love them: One, they add length to your body, and two, they fit. Perfectly. We love them in corduroy – which works in both professional and casual settings. Pick dark colours over light ones.










Peplum Jacket

These saw their revival as a fashion trend in 2012, and for good! Pick them in bright but dark colours like indigo or blood red to wear with a neutral outfit to liven it up – just as long as you stay away from neons (they might make for funky picks, but just don’t go with the formal design of the Peplum Jacket). If you aren’t that big on colour, neutrals make for good picks too!                                     



Plaid Shirts

Nothing beats the good-ol’ plaid shirt over denims. A classic! Try going for combinations in reds and blues or in pastels. Avoid neutrals because they look drab in this pattern.Classic Tan Jacket 

Your go-to pick when you want to layer, as well as make an impression. It’s one of those choices, which when put together right, is almost fail proof. We’d say you avoid them in patent leather, unless it’s a biker-esque look that you are aiming for. Choose suede/corduroy instead.Khadi Kurta 

The khadi kurta can make quite a statement – and not just for the Leftists. Pair them with boot cuts and watch them ladies swoon!










Saddle Shoes

They’re dressier than sneakers, infinitely more sophisticated and oh-so-stylish! And if taken care of, they can last decades. So that’s one investment we definitely recommend.


It doesn’t end here. We went around and spoke to people about things that form an essential part of their wardrobes.

Former Editor of Fashion at The Saltlist, Hemul Goel picked a denim jacket, a pair of jeggings and a solid black top (which can be made use of in a variety of ways) as essentials. Comfort, to her, forms the most essential part of fashion. So does bling!

Drushti Joshi (Editor of Achievers Section) opted for the indispensables – a simple black dress and basic denims; and the quirky – a shiny top, ‘for moments when you feel like it’.

Casual is the way to go for Aman Sinha, a student of AIT, Pune – three quarters and tees is how he likes it. Add a pair of dark sunglasses, and voila!

Rishabh Jha, a student, swears by his white Oxford shirt and tailored black blazer.

Variety is what Renita, a student of UILS, Chandigarh, loves, especially when it comes to her wardrobe. ‘I bank on my collection of jewels and trinkets for that dash of zing,’ she says.

The shopping season is at its peak – grab your shopping bags and get a move on, or all the sales will have gone!

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