It Really is a MIRAKLE

By: Drushti Joshi (Achievers Editor)




Dhruv Lakra. Seems like an ordinary name. Sure, it’s an ordinary name – But not an  ordinary person.

Let me step back and start from the beginning.
Dhruv was born in the conflict-stricken city of Jammu. His was a business family. His dad had a small  business while his mum ran a boutique from home. He studied in MHAC, a reputed school in Jammu. The same school his dad, his brother and his uncle had attended. After class 10, he was sent to Bombay for college, to take in the big city experience as both his parents had studied in Delhi. He had his first job in a bowling alley as a cashier for a period of 2 months.

His first job as an investment banker after doing was in Merrill Lynch. The pay package was good, the discipline was good and the investors were evil and nasty, but mighty good at their jobs. Dhruv absolutely hated it.

2 years later, he quit his job and got into something he’d always wanted to get into – The social sector. As fate would have it, it was also the time tsunami had hit Southern India. He gladly went there and spent time with affected women, children, fishermen and people who were afflicted with HIV/AIDS. There was an added bonus to this. He got accepted to the SAID School of Business at Oxford University, that too, on a full scholarship. The scholarship was worth 45,000 pounds, but on the condition that he takes up electives on Social Entrepreneurship. Dhruv was to take up the course anyway, but was glad someone paid him to do so.

The idea struck him while he was sitting in a bus. The boy sitting next to him wrote to the conductor the place for which he was to cut him the ticket. It dawned upon Dhruv that he’d never seen any deaf people working. One day, as he was signing for a courier that he’d just received, he noticed that there was no verbal communication required. And that completed his idea. He could run a courier company with deaf people. It would be a tough job, but respectable nonetheless.

Born out of this idea, was Mirakle couriers. This mail service is run by Dhruv and his deaf comrades. He won their trust, and also the prestigious Echoing Green Fellowship. Today Mirakle has crossed breakeven and is heading towards expansion.

When he left Merrill Lynch to work for an NGO, he was condemned for his stupidity. When he got into Oxford, the same lot said that he was a genius and definitely special.

Dhruv chose to play deaf and pray for a Mirakle.


The writer of this article/The Saltlist is in no way related personally or professionally to Mr.Dhruv Lakra, but at the same time would like to urge the readers of this article to use Mirakle couriers as a way of applauding Mr. Lakra and his employees’ hard work.


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