Hello, Winter!

By Sakshi Bhalla (Editor)




With snow-capped Himalayas and a chilly breeze running all across the north of India, winter is here, and how! Doesn’t it make us all want to snuggle up in a quilt with a good book in one hand and a hot beverage in the other? But for those of us who aren’t ‘winter people’, this part of the year can be an absolute nightmare! Therefore, we, here at The Saltlist, have racked our minds to bring to you some tips, so that the cold, grey season doesn’t get to you:

1. Fluids – Your body needs a requisite amount of fluids to keep it going well. Go for hot beverages. Don’t compromise on the water intake as well.

2. Move it – Winter tends to make us all very lazy. The quilt becomes my own best friend in the winter months. But it is important to get at least 30 minutes of exercise, 5 days a week. Not only is it healthy, but exercise gets all that blood flowing in your body, making you feel warmer.

3. Get together – It’s the holiday season! Make the most of it by getting together with friends and family. Southern beaches make for wonderful winter getaways.

4. Take a moment off – Is the pace of things getting to you? Take a moment off. Meditate. And take it easy. Don’t let the holiday stress get to you.

5. Sun yourself – Stretch yourself out under the sun, while you can, for the natural warmth and the Vitamin D. Don’t forget the sunblock!

6. Eat right – A healthy diet was never more important. Make the most of the variety of fruits and vegetables available in the winter. Try having them fresh whenever you can for two very important reasons. One, the roughage is essential for your bodily functions. Two, they’ll build your immunity against those all-too-prevalent viruses in the air.
Grandma’s Tip – Add nuts to your diet. They give you the indispensable basic carbs that’ll provide you with the energy to battle the cold.

7. Heating – Don’t depend on the heating to keep yourself warm. Too much dependence on it is unhealthy as it makes you weaker. Go for warmer clothing instead.

8. Sweets – Give your sweet tooth a little rest. We tend to stock up enough on them already!


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