By: Anushka Kaushik (Associate Editor)

It’s chowmien, it makes them horny”, “It’s the jeans, they’re Western so they excite men”, “No wait, wear skinny jeans because they’re difficult to remove

This will not be a level-headed, objective piece presenting both sides of the story. It will not give a background, a cause, the effects, the consequences. Why? For the simple reason that there is only one side, the backgrounds and effects are all too well-known and the causes, as mentioned above, are colorfully diverse and large in number. Neither is this article a plea. No, it’s too late for that. It’s too late for entreaties and appeals, too late for peaceful protests. We demand action, holding candles and walking 50 meters while women and girls get molested, violated, thrown around like objects. A new case comes up, the march is repeated, the coverage is extensive but all that’s required is some time and a new story to take our focus off. It’s time to stay put and not get distracted. It’s time to stay firm and not lose our ground. It’s to say enough is enough and mean it. This is a comment on the brazenly appalling attitude of men in this country and I say that word with the foulest of contempt. You may say they’re not all like that. But the situation has reached a stage where inaction and indifference make people equal participants. The moment you switch the channel thinking the news is too disturbing and this country can never improve, you’re contributing to the muffled screams of those thousands of women suffering. The moment you decide there’s nothing YOU can do about it, you’re contributing to the injuries, the scars, and the pain. I can provide statistics for those who still don’t believe it’s all that ghastly. I could state the decreasing conviction rates of perpetrators or the exponential rise in the quantum of cases (three thousand in 1973 to twenty thousand in 2010). Every eighteen hours a woman is raped in the glorious capital of India. There’s no age bar. It’s a senseless and mindless crime, bigger than corruption, bigger than scams, bigger than parliament ruckus. There isn’t a grey area and no room for deliberation and discussion. It’s wrong and disgusting in every sense of the words and hence, the action taken to prevent this gruesome crime needs to rise above all obstacles of inefficiency, poor administration even parliamentary procedure.

In conclusion, I would simply want to say, don’t let this die down. We need to keep this sentiment alive till something substantial is done. Jaya Bachchan breaking down in parliament might melt our hearts but the time to use our emotions, instead of letting them take over, to help this cause has come.

A former editor of The Saltlist, Saachi Sharma, called Sheila Dixit’s residence (011-23018716) to register her protest at the spate of (reported) rape cases in Delhi and the government’s consistent failure to act. One of Mrs. Dixit’s PAs responded by saying, “Madam, we are with you. Aapko toh pata hai ki yeh politicians kaise hote hain. Inki kursi hilne lag gayi hai, ab yeh kuch karenge. (You know how these politicians are. They might do something now, that their position and power are at risk), “  She is urging you call this number and register your protest, so is TSL.


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