Kindle Fire – Doesn’t Blaze Bright (Gadget Review)

 By Prakriti Gupta (City Editor)




Gadget – Kindle Fire

Quick take – Great features – sadly very few of them work in India.

TSL Rates – 2.5/5

Sleeker design, sharper display, better features – a part of the Kindle family, Kindle Fire is certainly unlike its siblings. With a brand-new browser that supports all websites, 7-inch multi-touch display, 16 million colours (an improvement from the Kindle Touch, which had difficulty recognizing colours and would often pixelate the image), 8 hours’ worth of battery life, amazing wireless connectivity and a sleek design, it sits on top of the performance charts: all for Rs. 13,900. That is, 80% of what an I-Pad does, at 40% of an I-Pad’s price. Now, that is not so bad.

Kindle Fire has a slick finish, with 2 top-mounted speakers that make movie-watching with friends and family a lark. It also has a 3.5 mm stereo jack.

However, an absolute turn-off is that Kindle Fire is not equipped with a camera, nor can its memory be expanded beyond 8GB. Also, Indian users are also restrained from the Amazon App Store because of  ‘geographical restriction’ – implying , you can’t use the app store unless you have an American Credit Card (or a very benign American Credit Card holding relative).

A minor drawback is that you won’t easily find accessories for your Kindle. So, no fancy covers or even plain ones for that matter.

What impresses about Kindle Fire is that it can can store 80 apps, 15 movies, 800 songs or 6000 books. Enough for a person on the go!


1. Minimalist and clear design
2. Easy on the pocket
3. Eye – catching UI
4. HD Screen


1. No Camera
2. No Android market
3. Most of the features don’t work in India
4. No available memory expansions beyond the given 8 GB

Considering what its competitors charge for much the same features, Kindle Fire looks like a value for money buy, well justifying its price. But the fact that a lot of its features aren’t exactly meant for the Indian market (hence, the unavailability), costs it some major points.

So, if you’re always on the move and want a light weight (only 413 grams!) entertainment juke box, Kindle Fire shows some major potential to be your new best friend. If more is what you want, save up and go for an I-Pad or a Galaxy Tab.


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