A Letter to Pranab Da

 By Anushka Kaushik (Associate Editor)







Dear Mr. President

As my long list of persistent English teachers would say, “don’t write inane salutations”, I certainly won’t. But I do feel I should take this opportunity to congratulate you for being the thirteenth President of our homeland. I hope you like the fancy cars, the plush chairs, the absolute media scrutiny, living even more under SoniaJi’s thumb…but I digress.

You see, Mr. President, I love my country. Mera Bharat Mahan. So you would not be surprised to know that I am saddened at some of the items I have to see flashing on my TV screen. It’s not the usual molestations, rapes, children falling through bore wells, farmer suicides et al. We’ve become accustomed to those, haven’t we? Besides, Mr.Manmohan  Singh is doing such an incredible job at running this country that your intervention is certainly not required. So what is it that makes me so despondent? I’ll start by telling you what expectations I have from my President.

1. Presence. For lack of a better sentence really, you walk into a room, you own it.
2. Pizzazz. No worries there, Pranab Da, you’ll be just fine.
3. Pens. Only Parker.

Now of course my above requirements focus on the non-intellectual part of Presidency. I could tell you that it’s of great significance for the country as a whole to see that India can punish the men responsible for one of the worst attacks on home soil (26/11) or that the shoddy way we treat our Army generals needs to be corrected. But I would be telling you how to do your job and I’m not sure how that would be received.

I end now, Mr. President. Best of luck for your tenure. May you achieve great success and not grab 2,
61,000 sq.ft of land meant for soldiers.


A very patriotic and mildly sensible citizen.


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