SAFE Delhi: Be safe, not susceptible

Everyone is aware of the bad condition of the capital in terms of safety and security of women. You know it must be terrible when it earns the title of ‘rape capital of the country’ and if there is anyone who seems unaware or indifferent, it is the administration and police.

SAFE Delhi aims to do exactly that. Build a united front of citizens who not only demand answers but also seek to get concrete measures taken in the direction of women’s safety. This initiative was launched on Facebook with the primary thought behind it being that in today’s times , there can be no better way of reaching out to the youth than social networking sites. The philosophy behind such an initiative, made up and run mostly by college students, is that the power of the youth is untapped in our country. Once a formidable front is formed, it would be impractical for anyone to ignore our voice and unintelligent, to deny us our rights.

The proposed course of action is to launch a mega program to draw in the youth towards our initiative. Apart from online work, this will include sessions with NSS (National Service Scheme) and WDC’s (Women’s Development Cell) of various Delhi University colleges and getting support from local RWA’s (Resident Welfare Associations). The demands range from seeking functional police help lines to asking for increased police patrolling, mandatory presence of female constable in all Police Control Rooms, etc.

This is a student/youth initiative which needs popular backing to be able to demand any action or question the authorities. Do have a look at SAFE Delhi on Facebook and decide if you want to be a part of this initiative which seeks to make Delhi a better place to live in.

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3 Responses to SAFE Delhi: Be safe, not susceptible

  1. Finally. A step like this should’ve been taken a few years back… But good reportage, as always, on the part of Saltlist. :)

  2. Thank you so much Anant.
    Do follow SAFE Delhi on Facebook and be a part of the movement!

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