Yeh road aapke baap ki nahi hai : A note to the jaywalkers

By: Aarushi Jain




Old habits die hard and for a lot of pedestrians, jaywalking is nothing but a habit. Lately, there have been an umpteen number of accidents due to the same reason. People walk on the roads as casually as they can thus making themselves prone to accidents. They prefer walking on the roads despite the presence of a footpath and they cross the road only when it is time for the cars to move at their maximum speed. The zebra crossing can go to hell, who really has that much time to waste?  And then of course, the everyday jaywalker’s new-found love for earphones and House music adds to the miseries of those behind the wheels.
Whose fault is it? When they get hit by a vehicle, the pedestrians blame the drivers and the drivers dislike jaywalkers.We just love to blame each other, don’t we? And then everyone needs a shortcut, irrespective of whether you are on the streets or inside the comforts of your car. We just love shortcuts, don’t we?

If a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle, it’s the driver’s fault for if a person is found crossing a busy road it is because the there are no subways or overhead bridges that can aid them in doing the same. However, many a times, it is found to be the opposite because is not always that the person driving is at fault. Maybe he/she was driving and suddenly out of nowhere, a jaywalker came in the way and it was impossible for them to slow down. Most of the overhead bridges and subways remain unused and thus the Government’s expenditure on all these services stands wasted. There also have been push buttons at several traffic signals where the pedestrian can regulate the traffic accordingly. Pushing the button would indicate the signal to go red so that a person can cross the road and the traffic can resume again accordingly. But then, we have our heroes, who, would not bat an eyelid before throwing themselves in front of a speeding car and causing the traffic to go haywire.

The Traffic Police have also raised the same issue quite a few times but it has not been focused on enough. There should be strict norms so that people abide by the traffic rules and the number of accidents can thus be curtailed. There have been instances when people have been fined but the amount charged is so small that it defeats the purpose of a fine which would stop people from engaging into such offences. For starters,the rules need to be implemented properly and effectively because they should teach the citizens to be responsible and leave a lasting impression on them.
We cannot deny that we all have been a part of the jaywalking crowd on the streets. However, charity begins at home so we have to change this habit of being oblivious to everything in the world that does not interest us for as they say, ‘safety comes first’. No matter how late you might be getting, it is always advisable to be cautious and aware as changing habits for the good is always better, and in this case, it would have a larger positive impact.
Because at the end of the day, ”yeh road mere baap ki hai” is not really valid.

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