The Saltlist turns 1: The Editors speak

The idea of The Saltlist came up on the 1st of April 2011, and it was no joke. The 3 days and 3 nights before the first articles came out were intense yet fun; the promo video was motivating and the stories were just perfect. From finalizing the design and learning how to use an entirely new platform, the experience was just brilliant because the team meant business and delivered quality. Sleepless nights were spent  copy-editing, getting pictures, meeting deadlines and pushing deadlines. In total, a bunch of 18 year olds delivered on crazy expectations. View after view, comment after comment, it grew wider- the smiles and the magazine, but then again, it was just the beginning.
Our baby has become bigger than we ever imagined.So kudos to the new team, they’re brilliant just like The Saltlist.
Wishing The Saltlist a very happy birthday.

Arushi Kumar
Ex Editor-in-Chief





I think I speak for most of us who worked on The Saltlist 1 when I say this: it helped us get our act together.
I wouldn’t say we were successful. Or that our content was flawless. Or that group dynamics were smooth. But I would say we came closer than ever before to understanding and practicing a unique brand of journalism. We developed frameworks. We expanded tangents. We questioned. We found some answers every now and then. But most importantly, we didn’t try to grab any available space under the sun. We created our space. There is a difference between the two, and we understood that.
The Saltlist 2 is reaching great heights but I will not go on a parrot like congratulatory mode. I’ll put my two penny worth of advice here. Fly high, but stay grounded. Break barriers, but construct dialouge. Don’t just enlighten, empower.We know the baby is in safe hands. I hope you nurture a trailblazer, a firebrand. Because knowing all of you, I would expect nothing less.
Happy Birthday The Saltlist!

Saachi Sharma
Ex Editor





On the 4th of April 2011, a bunch of young girls with the brightest of minds and a wonderful mentor decided to go out there and change the world and that was when a little baby called The Saltlist was born.
This baby was like no other: she helped in establishing bonds and aided in bringing the best out of everyone who was a part of her. We learnt what working as a team meant, we learnt how to meet deadlines and were enlightened about the potential we held. Satire in the Age of Letters and Technology was the flavor of the season and in no time, a little blog containing the ideas of a few young women went on to salt more than a thousand lives.
25 females created a legacy which was passed on to another 25 who carried it forward to the best of their capabilities.The journey has been a most memorable one and has been so replete with joy, love and togetherness that nothing could compare to the feeling. We thank our readers, for The Saltlist has grown only by virtue of their support. We are now blessed to have a little under 34000 hits on our blog and more than a 1000 followers on our Facebook page, but then yes, we do have a long way to go.
I personally would call myself a lucky girl to be a part of something as fantastic as The Saltlist. It has given me a new lease of life, has helped me know my strengths and weaknesses and has helped me discover the mother within myself.
Happy birthday The Saltlist, you are one precious baby.

Sumedha Bharpilania
Current Editor-In-Chief 


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