Someone's Tomorrow Needs A Blood Donor Today, Donate Blood

By: The Saltlisters

BloodConnect is a student’s initiative aimed to ensure that no person suffers due to shortage of blood. Started in IIT Delhi (by NSS IIT Delhi) on 1st April 2010, it has now expanded to become an initiative run by students from the University of Delhi and Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.

Human Blood has no substitute. Delhi’s annual estimated requirement for blood is around Four Lakh units off which, only about 50 per cent is met through Voluntary Blood Donation. The shortage of blood is so acute that it leads to illegal activities like sale of blood, trade and the like. Despite a huge number of blood banks and a sizable number of donations in Blood Donation Camps, there are still many people who die due to the unavailability of blood. We at BloodConnect, aim to change this. We organize regular Blood Donation Camps with Government Blood Banks in colleges, corporates as well as residential areas and handle Blood Requests through our Blood Helpline Team with an aim to ensure that every patient in and around Delhi who needs blood, gets SAFE blood.

They are organizing a Cultural Program on their second anniversary, 1st April 2012 at Amphitheater, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. They cordially invite you for this program. The program will involve awarding regular donors and camp organizers, band performance, street play on blood donation and a panel discussion with blood banks.

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