Is the guest really akin to God?

By: Gurman Bhatia

Credits: Gurman Bhatia

You look at this picture. Its a normal European child. Blond, fair and pink cheeks. Then what makes her special? Where is the ‘Story’ behind this Photo?

This was one endearing kid that me and a friend came across at the Red Fort in New Delhi. She was obviously very cute so I begged her mother if I could take her picture. The mother was reluctant and she told me that the little one was extremely shy. However, I used my charms and asked the pretty face whether she could grace my camera with her picture and, to my delight, she agreed. So I clicked her and moved on only to realize that the mother-daughter had to flee sometime later, because all the other Indian families had taken inspiration from me and had started placing their kids next to her, clicking photos and not realizing that they were ostracizing her.
Its sad how we treat tourists and go on and on about ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ at the same time. Its sad how we perceive people with white or black skin as some kind of a novelty and then say that we absolutely support the fight against racism. Its sad that we do not look beyond a certain point and accept the diversity we are surrounded by. Its sad to see that most of us possess this mentality. Its just sad.

I shook my head in disapproval and walked further, however, the kid stayed with me. Her charming visage is still fresh in some part of my mind and shall always remain.
The question is – when will the common man realize that whether black or white, the innocence of a child is not barred to any colour.


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