I am a superstar and I have a temper problem

By: Gurman Bhatia

It’s the age of rage. Instead of thinking problems through, we believe in shouting them out or better still, acting them out. If you are a star, you shall be indulging in the anger all the more. Saif punches an NRI, Shahrukh bashes Shirish Kunder and Salman cannot stop himself from showering blows on a varied bunch of souls. Looks like the Khans are the ones who should be put to the question, ‘Why this Kolaveri Di?’.

Then comes the whole hype in the media around such unfortunate occasions. Sometimes you feel like thanking the heavens up above that the event of Saif Ali Khan punching a South African national Iqbal Sharma at Mumbai’s Taj Hotel was not caught on camera. If in case it was, I can imagine TV Channels showing the punch ten times over, back to back. ( Flashing – ‘This is how it happened!’)
Now, let’s look at all the benefits of the same. Well, your beating up the other person definitely gives them some attention in the media. For a brief moment they do turn into a somebody from being a nobody. And then of course, the celebrity who needs anger management classes gets to enter the limelight. If in case you are the aforesaid hero/heroine, you will have all those people who are regulars at the several Page 3 parties in town defending you and your enemies leaving no opportunity to sling some more mud on your already soiled reputation. Well, in a nutshell people would be out there talking about you, whether you are being cursed or blessed is an entirely different matter altogether.

There is a wide debate happening around whether such outbursts of anger are staged or they simply happen to be tools of cheap publicity. Saif has been posed with a similar question as to whether the incident was a just another way of publicizing his upcoming flick, ‘Agent Vinod’ ,which he obviously denied. In fact, if his statement is to be taken into account, he punched the person in ‘self-defence’ only after he was punched. He also claims that the person in question had insulted Saif’s female acquaintances. However, everybody else on the ‘crime’ scene seems to have a different story to tell. They say that after Iqbal Sharma asked Saif and his friends to keep the noise down, Saif’s temper actually rose the way water boils and he abused and punched poor Iqbal for messing with the ‘Chhote Nawab’ of Bollywood.

Another issue that concerns us is the fact that in our country, your stardom gives you the right to get drunk and then go about shouting at people and beating them up. Is being a star in any capacity a license to be violent, abusive or even dominating for that matter?

In case it is not, we at The Saltlist suggest that we should start some anger management classes and provide free admissions to our ‘stars’. At the end of the day, Bollywood is the land where the ‘Angry young men’ belong and they need to be tamed. There is no prescribed age to curb a bout of rage, right?


6 Responses to I am a superstar and I have a temper problem

  1. lol … i jus used a similar example yesterday .. but it had nothing to do with anger management .. mine was about indian corruption ..

    good writing .. Kudos .

  2. It’s ironical. They want to be famous, filthy rich celebrities, it soon goes to their heads, and then they start cribbing about privacy and personal space.
    In India there is no personal space as such, especially if you’re a celeb.
    I cannot think of one person (okay, maybe a few) who do not need any Anger Management, whereas the rest should be put in a Anger Rehab Clinic or something, to sort their stuff out!

    Nicely written article, loved the beginning ~ ‘Age Of Rage’!

    • Thanks for taking out the time to read and also giving us this food for thought! :)

      Personally, I believe its the pretense that eats up these celebs. For sometime they try and keep all the anger somewhere hidden and then its those doses of alcohol that lets it out on several people.

  3. definitely these stars are NOT attention seekers! :P :P

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