Go Yuvraj!

By: Aarushi Jain

This man has always been in news for the superb cricket he plays and sometimes because of a lot of reasons other than the game – be it due to his flings with an array of Bollywood beauties, or for the late night IPL parties, but now, unfortunately, due to a cancerous tumor that has been detected in his left lung. Yes, we are talking about the Indian cricketer, Yuvraj Singh. Singh, 30, who is a considered to be a shining star on the field, is currently fighting germ cell cancer and undergoing chemotherapy in USA.
What does a cricket crazy nation do when a much worshipped demi-God, succumbs to the fate such as this?  Well, obviously,all we can do is pray. So, the whole country, came together, more united than it was against corruption and prayers and good wishes poured in from people from every walk of life- from Senior Bachchan to his 11-year old fans. And all this is not because we cannot afford losing such an excellent player who has records such as of hitting six sixes in a single over at 2007 World Twenty20 and being the Man of Tournament in the Cricket World Cup 2011 but because he is our very own Yuvi, the spoilt but lovable brat.

According to his doctors he is on the first stage of cancer and it can very well be cured if he maintains and follows a disciplined lifestyle as required for the treatment. He is proving to be a real fighter and we are sure he will overcome the disease and return back to the field fit and healthy. A recent picture of his on the micro-blogging website, Twitter shows that he is now bald (because of the chemotherapy) and his tweets which he keeps updating actively illustrate that he is a hero and is putting in all possible efforts to emerge victorious. He tweeted on 8th February, 2012 that “I look forward to meet lance armstrong soon and take inspiration! Till then good bye will keep you updated about my health if I missed some” (sic).

Lance Armstrong is a professional American cyclist, who won Tour De France making a world record of winning the title seven consecutive times after having battled testicular cancer. With such inspirations and so many wishes there by his side, God will certainly help Yuvraj return home healthy. And for the rest there are the astrologers who have predicted that Yuvraj Singh will soon emerge out to wear the India jersey again and play.
Nobody wants to die, not so soon, especially when you have such a booming career. With too many well wishers praying for his health, with the best of the doctors treating him, and with he, himself being so strong at such a critical point of time in his life, we wish for Yuvraj’s long life and a brighter future ahead.
“I will fight and come back as a stronger man cause I have the prayers of my nation. I Thank you to the media for their support and respecting my privacy” (sic). – Yuvraj Singh on Twitter

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