Tech savvy? We present to you,the best and worst of 2011. (Part – II)

By: Gurman Bhatia

Two years ago when Apple unveiled the iPad, a lot changed. The entrance of an overpriced new segment that featured the portability of a mobile device and the power of a notebook with a big display was received with mixed reactions. It got labeled as a ‘tablet’. The actual worthiness of this segment for people owning both a notebook and a smart phone lies in a constant debate though. 2011, however did see a lot of developments in the same and there is no denying that fact.
As with mobile phones, the forerunner remained Android with their exclusive OS for tablets – Honeycomb. While the low price range in the tablet market supported the Gingerbread version (same as in mobile phones), it were the Honeycomb tablets that never failed to impress the consumer. Some of these were:

  1. Motorola Xoom – Zoom your possibilities. Price: Rs 22,999
    Heavy and Sturdy. The first tablet to come in with the Honeycomb version. Yet, very well received in the market
  2. Galaxy Tab 750 – Design with performance. Price: Rs 34,000
    Gives competition to the leading iPad. Probably the best Android Tablet there is as of now.
  3. Acer Iconia A500 – Speed with the Dual Core. Price: Rs 26,000
    Speed is its best feature with hardware winning the race with a Dual Core processor.
  4. Sony Tablet S – Interesting interface. Price: Rs 29,990
    Does feature Honeycomb, but with Sony’s own wonderful twists. The integration with Sony devices such as the PS3 allow you to use the tablet for gaming controls. Great work in terms of innovation.
  5. Sony Tablet P – Innovation in Design. Price: Yet to be released
    One of those few double screen tablets. When folded, it all looks like a cute little case. But when opened, it opens up your imagination. The dual screens can both act as screens and one can even take the form of controls. It is definitely one of a kind. Though, the innovative design is expected to be priced above Rs 40,000.

Apart from Android, Tablets in the other operating systems proved to be quite interesting as well. They were:

  1. Apple iPad 2: Slimmer and better. Price: Rs 29,500 – Rs 46,900
    Its an Apple product and that itself acts as its selling point. It is overpriced like all other Apple products but the functionality does in a way speak for the price.
  2. The Blackberry Playbook: Unique OS results in fall of prices. Presently Out of Stock
    It works on the Blackberry Tablet OS and features some great hardware (like a 5MP primary camera and a 3MP secondary camera). But the OS comes with its limitations. Though multitasking and interface are the device’s key points, the lack of applications on Blackberry’s Appworld has been a cause of fallen sales.

The most remarkable announcement of the year was when the Indian Government unveiled the Aakash Tablet -a tablet that would cost only $35. This very action took the Tablet and democratized the technological outreach. Like many promises that the government has made previously, the long wait for this product speaks in itself whether or not the expectations would be fulfilled. We hope that rather than simply ‘booking’ the device, the government comes up with something they can supply as well.
Despite all this, the year 2011 ended with a slashing of Tablet prices everywhere. The Playbook was reduced to a price at 50% off resulting in stocks ending all over the country. The Motorola Xoom followed suit by reducing its prices by 44% on the device. Latest rumours maintain that the Galaxy Tab 750 might be next with a fall of about Rs 12,000 in its prices. This trend of falling prices might be an indicator of the previous overpriced nature of this segment and the reluctance to spend this kind of amount on a secondary device. Yet, one cannot deny that it is a revolution that technology is creating – The idea of being more portable.

After the end of 2011, as 2012 comes in with the Consumer Electronics Show 2012 what one expects is innovation is portability itself. While the smart phone and tablet can be seen as a new-found need for some, a notebook has been a necessity for long. In the past two to three years, the realization of both its importance and affordability has hit the common man. He has moved on from the traditional desktop to more mobile versions that let him carry his work anywhere and everywhere he wants. 2011 was important because it took this phenomenon a step further. For the ‘Ultra-modern world, 2011 came in with the concept of the ‘Ultrabook’.
For those of you who are unaware of this term introduced by Intel, it is used for ‘Ultra’ thin and ‘Ultra’ portable laptops. The idea again is to increase portability without a compromise in performance. The Asus Zenbook and Acer Aspire are amongst the few others in this category. The most famous Ultra book is what we know as the Apple Macbook Air. Simply put, these are devices that have power underneath that small size.
We earnestly hope that the new year takes technology to a much higher level and with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) round the corner we expect the portability factor to rule the market.Till then, all that we can ask for is 2012 to be a Techie’s paradise.

Link to Part 1 for Mobile Phones :

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