Delhi University plays Santa during the festive season- for some at least!

By: Meenal Thakur

The results were out and the topper scored a 99%. A mere reminder for you: this time we are not talking about our board results in school where something such as this is never a surprise. We are, as a matter of fact,talking about the semester results declared by Delhi University towards the end of 2011, effectively ruining a few new year celebrations and giving most more reason to party.

Once the Economics results were out students were appalled when they saw the kind of marks they had received. Senior students were out of their wits as something impossible had just happened whereas their juniors were basking away in glory for getting marks which even they thought were impossible to score! There was however a variation in the results which came after the Economics result- the Science topper managed to score around 92% but for the humanities students the marks were not all that great.I say this keeping in mind the extremely high standards that have been set where now 80% is considered to be a low score.

Now there is obviously a question inside everyone’s head: Is the new batch of 1st years brilliant beyond comparison or has Delhi University been extremely kind in distributing marks to welcome its new students? When the toppers were interviewed, they said that they did expect something around a 95% but never in their wildest dream did they ever picture scoring 99%. Most of them said that the paper was not very tough and they expected a decent score but what they actually scored surpassed their own expectations. Even the professors and principals of different colleges are baffled to see their students doing unbelievably well. In fact the teachers of a few eminent colleges of the university did decide to file RTI’s against it considering the almost unattainable grades the students were awarded with.

Keeping in mind the unrealistic results and whatever people have to say, the semester system turns out to be the culprit. It is being said that after all the criticism the university had faced, it had to prove its decision of introducing the semester system right and this is the reason why it has been so generous in its marking this time around. This has been done to reiterate that what Delhi University does is never wrong.

Meme Courtesy: Sumedha Bharpilania

What has really bothered and impressed me at the same time is that how can one possibly score a 95% or 99% with just 4 months of literally rushing through a syllabus which never seems to end. Kudos to the students who managed to brave it all and came out victorious. Whatever the reason for these results may be, one fact is pretty evident – this result has increased the already high hopes of the students of Delhi University to score even better in the next semester and they are thus waiting for another miracle to happen!

Keep our fingers crossed. Shall we?

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