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"Creative Commons” and the Common Creative

 By: Aditi Annapurna A major reason for which I chose to be Music Editor of The Saltlist can be attributed to Sanjoy Narayan. To the rest of the world, this man is known as the columnist of the weekly music blog, “Download Central” on Hindustan Times, but I consider him as a bit of an [...]


Paradise lost or a paradise given up?

By: Lata Jha As a kid, I remember, my least favourite part of the day would be mealtime. An indifferent, frugal eater, I had my mother forcibly feeding me till I was about ten, refusing to budge, simply because she knew there was no way I’d finish even half of what I should unless she’d [...]

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The Indian Republic day or just another holiday?

 By: Sumedha Bharpilania India celebrated its 63rd year of being a Republic and I could not help but feel proud when the grand parade was on in full swing and our honorable President hoisted the national flag as the lights emanating from the television set kept my sleepy eyes open. As I ventured outside, freedom [...]

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गड्डी नई, लोग वहीं

  Namita Singh राष्ट्रीय मंडल खेलों के दौरान दिल्ली को नई -नई  लाल और हरी ‘लो – फ्लोर’  बसो से रूबरू कराया गया |  नए वाहनों के आने पर दिल्ली को दुल्हन के समान सुन्दर बतलाया जाने लगा | इन बसों को चलता देख कर जहाँ शंघाई की याद आई वहीँ  इन बसों में चढ़े [...]

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