Sultry during the chills. Hello ladies!

By: Hemul Goel



After living through seven months of heat (three of which are extreme) we anticipate the arrival of winters with great relief. However winters usher in more woes for women, like having to dress up without looking like an Eskimo (besides the dry skin, the chapped lips and brittle hair). No wonder some women are afraid of layering their clothes even more so if they are heavier as they don’t want to look more voluptuous.Learning how to dress in layers is important so that you can keep warm and look hot, despite the cool temperatures outside. We thus present you with a comprehensive write up on things that you should keep in mind while dolling yourselves up- the little tips and tricks we all know and have read about but forget while beautifying ourselves:


Layering or ‘flexible clothing’ (as some like to call it) is a very practical way of dressing up to beat the cold. The innermost layer should comprise of a body warmer (no slouchy fits acceptable here). This can be followed by a shirt (yay! use your summer clothes throughout the year). Top it off with a cardigan or a sweater (pullovers, knits, wraps) and finish off with a coat (trench, pea, parka, blazer, windcheater). However if you are still cold, you can add on a stylish cape (heavy fabrics with asymmetric cuts look great) and do not forget to add the You Know Whats*. Another way would be wearing a sweater dress with a cropped cardigan and leggings (printed, embellished, lace or rhinestone trimmings) or you could even wear a skirt over leggings and add the You Know Whats (ofcourse!). Winter provides you with ample opportunities to experiment. A great idea would be to maintain a monochromatic tone for your outfit and add just one piece with vibrant shades.
*(We talk about the You Know Whats soon and NO they are not a reference to your innerwear)
Hot Tip:
Invest in good quality and classic coats.Though it may seem expensive at first it will last throughout season after season.

Credits: Hemul Goel


Let’s talk about these articles that practically are life savers in winters. They not only add a fun element to your attire, also give you an extra edge and the much needed oomph. It is very normal to be attracted towards grays, blacks, browns and navy blue during winters and this is where You Know Whats enter. These include scarves and mufflers(silk, knit, woolen), ear muffs, gloves(leather, woolen, fingerless, full or half arm coverage), leg warmers, boots(ankle, knee length, mid calf) and accessories(earrings and rings mainly as your arms will be mostly covered).
Hot Tips:
Experiment with length, knits, fabrics, colours and patterns of You Know Whats.
Learn different ways of tying a scarf/muffler.

Here is the link for tying a scarf 25 ways :

Leg warmers need to be worn according to your body type. If worn wrong they can make you look short and stubby. If you are short or heavy (buy leg warmers short in length and vertical patterns) otherwise if you are lean or have long legs anything will do.
Wear statement rings(knuckle rings are in, however don’t go in for the scary ones, big rocks and the kind). Match your accessories to the embellishments on your attire like zips and buttons.

Credits: Hemul Goel


Hair tends to turn brittle in winters due to lack of hydration so keep your hair hydrated. Leave your conditioner on for 10 minutes wrapped in a hot towel at least once a week(this steams out the hair and adds moisture). This provides deep conditioning to your hair. Oil your hair regularly. Stay away from any heat or styling products (sprays and mousses are tough to wash out in winters). However if using a hair dryer is urgent then use it on cold setting.
Skin tends to become dry and itchy so take special care. The best time to apply a moisturizer/body lotion/body butter would be as soon as you step out of the shower(when you are semi wet not dripping wet silly, your pores are in the best shape to absorb creams).A Lip balm should be your best friend, literally. Use metallic eyeliners and kajals and use cream based makeup, mineral makeup will look flaky.
Hot Tip:
DIY Tinted Lip Balm : Mix your lip balm with a little bit of lipstick to get the desired colour.
Follow your body and fashion follows you! Have an awesome winter.

Credits: Hemul Goel


12 Responses to Sultry during the chills. Hello ladies!

  1. The ideas were really amazingly put forward..
    well crafted….
    Thank you soo much 4 sharing these lovely winter clothing tips…
    specially the video that how to wrap a scraf in 25 ways.

    • @ankita biswas Thank alot. Your appreciation means a lot to me. Getting a positive comment from a reader gives an instant high. Please feel free to shoot me a mail if you ever need links to more such videos.

  2. hey nice one but what do u prefer during winters the best one

    • Thankyou so much priyanka. Well I dont feel very cold so in terms of layering i avoid warmers and layer very thin wooly knits with a nice coat or wear a dress with a with a knit or cardigan. I love to play with different accessories(collecting accessories is a hobby of mine!) and in regards to skincare..urgh umm I am kinda lazy in terms of skincare, so well that’s it.

  3. I needed this, Hemul..amazing work :)

  4. :) :)
    u r welcome…
    i was a journalism student, so u can expect some sort of reviews, analysis or comments frm me…
    btw i need some more tips frm u..
    looking forward to ur early response…
    thank you…

    • Oh great! we have something in common then. Sure please specify which kind of tips?(like on haircare?skincare?clothes?)

      • yaa…
        Actually i “was” a journalism student…
        bt nw i m pursuing engg…
        btw i need some dressing tips frm u…
        i m a healthy girl….
        so i dont get clothes of my size easily… i hv to really search around for clothes.. and even if i get some, they are very very boring.. no varieties..
        So i end up wearing kurtis only…
        can u plzzz suggest me some tips????????????

        and ask namita singh to talk to me…. :)

        • Sure thanks for being frank enough by calling yourself healthy because that really eased it up for me. i am going to only suggest clothes that you can find in the markets these days.So here we go:

          Look 1
          High neck/full sleeves top(woolen/hoseiry)
          Add a cowl neck sweater/ cardigan/ thin knits /
          Jeans/ Leggings
          Add You Know Whats
          Accessorise as required

          Look 2
          Heavy Woolen Shrug/ Thin Knit/ Cardigan (Remember here try to make this as your hero! It should be stylish enough to break the mundanity.)
          Add You Know Whats
          Accessorise as required

          p.s. Do wear boots when you wear pyjami kurta!Man that should look awesome

          Look 3
          Sweater dress
          Leggings/ Pantyhose/ Interesting printed stockings
          Add You Know Whats
          Accessorise as required

          Maintain a monochromatic colour scheme and to jazz it up by adding a pop of colour.
          Combine your kurtis with shrugs, interesting sweaters, cardigans and mufflers. Try leaving your mufflers mostly dangling to create vertical lines.
          Try to avoid Parkas n bomber jackets.(yuck!)
          Waterfall cardigans/Shawl Cardigan Sweater/Cowl necks.
          Try to have a basic black turtleneck and a plain black woolen top in your wardrobe.
          If you like headgears then do invest in a beret too coz they make you look super chic.
          The HOTTEST TIP again would be:
          Follow your body and fashion follows you! FAshion’s fine but do remember at the end of the day your health is the most important thing so dress up according to the weather or else you’ll end up being a fashion victim, literally.

          Also extremely sorry for the late response, hope I havent offended you!

          • Thank you sooo much for your lovely and useful tips….
            and thanx to you now i have a shopping list in my hands…

            btw i hv send u the friend request on fb.. namita singh is our mutual frnd..
            kindly accept it if u want..
            Thank you again for ur help.. :) :)

          • My pleasure, glad you liked it!

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