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At the South Asian Bands Festival: Of the King and Queen of Bhutan, Guitar Solos and AC/DC.

 By: Aditi Annapurna     I seem to have a problem with people going to music festivals and concerts without even having heard any music of the artist/s performing. I said it earlier in the case of the false ‘metalheads’ who went to watch Metallica live, and I will say it again- There is a [...]

Virender Sehwag: The man on Fire

By: Abhilasha Kumar     It was one of those moments, where millions of hearts were beating fast, waiting for that one instant of joy, a single prayer escaped millions of lips, “God please….pleaseeee”, with nail-biting tension and wavering blood pressures, it was “the moment” when Virender Sehwag was at the crease batting at 197 [...]

Sultry during the chills. Hello ladies!

By: Hemul Goel     After living through seven months of heat (three of which are extreme) we anticipate the arrival of winters with great relief. However winters usher in more woes for women, like having to dress up without looking like an Eskimo (besides the dry skin, the chapped lips and brittle hair). No [...]


The Afghan attacks: The war is always on

By: Lata Jha     They lose more than limbs. They lose, sometimes, lives. Very often, loves. And more often than not, their spirit and the will to live. An ordinary day for an Afghani would begin without knowing if he (sic) would come back home to say his prayers at night. He lives in [...]

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