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Remembering our Guide

 By: Meenal Thakur     3rd December 2011-the day when the Indian film industry mourned the loss of legendary actor Dev Anand who died of a heart attack in London at the age of 88. It came as a shock for his fans-from actors to politicians to the common man, all over the world. The [...]

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Apple – Elitist or not?

 By: Gurman Bhatia Do you own an iPhone 4S? If you do, either you are benevolently blessed by the Goddess of wealth or you are a dedicated Apple fan. In a span of ten years, this very league of fans is what the technology giant has created. Though the creator and innovator has passed away, [...]

A pocketful of sunshine behind the mist: Delhi Winters

By: Shivani Singh Cartoons courtesy: Messy Kaur As Delhi changes colours with every season, the onset of winter has more than often been a welcome change. The lemonade carts, the ice lollies, the cotton dresses, the sweating and the soaring temperatures give way to chilly mornings, luring cups of steaming ginger tea,snuggly sweaters and the [...]

Supervision and not Censorship.

 By: Namita Singh     On Tuesday,the 6th of December 2011, Communication and Information Technology minister Kapil Sibal tried to put forth his concerns over censorship of social networking sites suggesting the content to be inflammatory and capable of inciting violence, gaining a lot of media light.After a largescale rejection of his statement, Mr Sibal [...]

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