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Goa turns 50: Truly liberated or still ‘shack’led?

By: Sohini Chowdhury A week ago Goa celebrated 50 years of freedom from the Portuguese who governed it for 451 long years.The history of the Indian annexation of Goa, though not very popular, was a very unique one.The war between India and Portugal over the territory was rather swift with India successfully taking over the [...]

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Don 2 – Our verdict: Go watch it!

By: Ria Jethi Thriller? Check. Action? Check. Sassy? Check. Witty? Check. Wicked? Hell yes! Don 2 is a classic action/thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seats throughout. Farhan Akhtar yet again showcases his brilliance as a director. The plot has been finely crafted, with every twist and turn falling into place like a [...]


Anna vs.The Government: The war rages on.

 By: Namita Singh     After a year of blackmailing, fasting, marches, missions and yatras , the government finally introduced the anti-corruption bill in the Parliament on the 22nd of December 2011. A debate and vote on the bill is likely to be held post the Christmas holidays from the 27th till the 29th of [...]

Love it or hate it, you just cannot ignore it: Facebook Timeline

 By: Shivani Singh     Nothing but change is constant. The developers of Facebook seem to have taken this way too seriously. Our beloved social networking giant has a habit of making immense changes just when you are getting accustomed to the preceding one. With Google+ entering the social networking scene, Mark Zuckerberg’s brainchild has [...]

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