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Lokpal Bill: Back To Square One?

By Neha Sen Prime Minister Manmohan Singh described the inclusion of both Government representatives and civil society members in the Lokpal Bill Joint Drafting Committee as “a step that augurs well for society”. However, disagreements between the two groups has jeopardized the future of the Lokpal Bill. Ironically, one of the contentious issues is the [...]


I Am. When being one’s self is enough : Documentary Review

I wish that I would Be embraced even if I wasn’t quite the child You wanted me to be Be protected even if I never told you Be heard even when I said what you didn’t want to hear Be trusted even after I let you down Be capable even if I did nothing at [...]


Noon Chai

A photostory by Shivani Rajput. It was my regular evening walk to the Lal Chowk in Srinagar, when all of a sudden it started drizzling and the weather got a bit cold. So on the way to the Tea stall, I came across this man who was sitting on the pavement of the shop and [...]

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Say hello to Devin Townsend!

By: Ramya Patnaik My exams are over but certain enterprising members of The Saltlist have decided to go on a ‘pre-exam assignment submission’ flashback. This is I presume, the first article under the music section of The Saltlist. To make life easier for myself, I’ve decided to do a little introduction-to-artist kind of piece. It [...]

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