Will Mamata Banerjee Be Able To Bring Poriborton In West Bengal?

By: Neha Sen

West Bengal celebrated Dol (Holi) twice this year – the second time on 13th May 2011 when poriborton (change) came to the state. Green is now the colour of power, victory and sheer happiness and one woman – Mamata Banerjee has painted the entire state in green.

Many believe that mediocrity which ruled the roost under the Left Front is now history. With the civil society extending its support to Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress, things are set to change in West Bengal.

The Trinamool Congress led government has to arrest the high rates of migration and unemployment in the state by bringing about industrialisation here. How Mamata plans to do this, considering she single-handedly threw Tata (in Singur)  out of the state will be interesting to watch. With this, she has to balance the aspirations of those who survive on their land. After all, it was with the issue of land that Mamata began her victory march.

Cronyism and nepotism were other factors which contributed to the downfall of the Left Front. So far, Banerjee has shown a deep dislike for these ills which has won her popular support.

Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee’s government paid for its arrogance. The drubbing its ministers received only reflects the disconnect between the Left Front and the masses.

As Prakash Karat and his colleagues look for answers, Mamata Banerjee seeks to strengthen the bond between her party and the masses.


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