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And then there was the El Classico.

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And then there was the El Classico.

By: Reshma Ramachandran Sometimes the most awaited sequels are not the ones where Johnny Depp says ‘savvy’, or Arnold Schwarzenegger says ‘I’m back’, but the ones where Cristiano Ronaldo’s free kick shrieks it’s way through and Lionel Messi screeches his way around. Yes, it was the el clasico – part 1 to part 4 – [...]

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I SURVIVED THE BOARDS – a personal account of my trysts with the CBSE board examination.

by: Ursila Ali 23/5/2011 A year ago, on the same day, I remember myself as a frigid mass, blanched by fear, not unlike the character of a Tim Burton movie. I was awaiting my 12th standard CBSE Boards exam result…in short my death sentence. The moment, before your computer screen reveals your scores, is amidst [...]

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It’s war in Bhatta Parsol; Rahul Becomes theTrumpet

by: Naina Jethalia The ongoing farmer’s agitation in the villages of Bhatta and Parsol has rocked the entire nation, with the once touted invincible ‘Maya Nagri’ being the epicenter. These twin villages in greater Noida have now become a vote song for the congress plotting a route-map for the 2012 assembly elections. On the onset, [...]

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Adulterated Power.

By: Muskan Bhatia When Peter Parker said “With power comes great responsibility” he probably didn’t knew that someone named Mr. Strauss Kahn could exploit his immense power as an excuse to escape his notorious “sexcapades”.  Granted a $1 million bail and home detention   from a judge in New York, Mr. Kahn was accused of sexually [...]

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