Introducing The Salt List.

By Chief Mentor- Subi Chaturvedi

The Saltlist Reading Gandhi. Everyday object. Locating. Rights.  Sites. Arrest. Registering..  Protest. No rest. Go pansy. There’s a load on your chest. Can’t do with out it. It was free & then they taxed it. Speech was free. Now you pay for it. On the Wall street. On the highway. Information costs big bucks. Wit & humour. Some Sour. Some Dour. Some Images. Some Verse. Some more text. Some rain. Some thirst. Political. Local. National. Regional. Across the Divide. On the other Side. Fence Sitters. Bull shitters. Plain Bitters. Pockets full of Roses. Pennies & Lemons. All too many. The school girls. All grown up. Dump the Nanny. Fanny went to town. A Certain Ms.Nadia went around. Butt naturally. Truant gatekeeprs. Weepers Jeepers. SATIRE. Zeepers. Bloopers. Stoopers. Poopers. Poop kids too. With upset tummies. Mother. Mary went missing. SALT got LISTED. The Lambs grew up. AGEless.Timeless. Fearless.Voices. Some notes.Shewrote. Blank Verse. Scraps of paper. Crumpled. LETTERS.Comments. views. News. Colours. In all their hues. Swirls of Pink. Purple. Yellow. Blue. Green. Grass. Orange skies. Marmalade trees. Affairs. National. International. Mysteries. Cinema. Food.Chineese Whispers. Sheesh. How about some Cheese. Grapeseeds. Bond Street. High TECH. Story tellers. Revolutionaries. Naysayers. Soothsayers. Bling. In betweens. Alternatives. Mainstreamers. New. Space. Kids. Nosy parkers. Strategic anaLISTS. Fistful of gumption. Hell raisers. Zing. Bling. SALTLISTERS. All.


3 Responses to Introducing The Salt List.

  1. Sunit Mukherjee

    Best Wishes to The Salt List.This,indeed,is the best of time(World Cup Glory),and the worst of time(Scams galore),to launch an online magazine.The peccadilloes of politicians,the bumbling governance,the canker of corruption,revival of medieval horrific practices like so-called honour killings,the Love-Sex-Dhoka times,the technology transforming men-women,all this and much more!Babuji dheere chalna,zindagi ki daud mein zara sambhalna….aur is daud mein piche chootte haashiye ke log!!I sincerely hope the enthusiastic creative girls under their inspiring mentor will create a journalistic Dandi March(that too concerned Salt!) online.Badhe Chalo,Badhe Chalo!!

  2. thank You for the Comment & for taking the time for reading us. We tremendously appreciate your kind words. The Mahatma is the original inspiration. Anna Hazare is on a fast. these are times of flux. We hope to restore some order to the chaos. Keep the encouragement coming. That’s what the Saltlisters thrive on. Thanks again.

  3. At a time when mainstream media is in the danger of relegating its role – of a honest societal mirror – to an advertisement carrier, political tool, neo-liberal mouthpiece or breaking-news circus, i hope this venture will explore the promising potential of internet journalism to give space to more meaningful realities.

    Best Wishes.

    And Thumbs up to the ardent and amusing verbal acrobatics of the introduction. :)

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