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Introducing The Salt List.

By Chief Mentor- Subi Chaturvedi The Saltlist Reading Gandhi. Everyday object. Locating. Rights.  Sites. Arrest. Registering..  Protest. No rest. Go pansy. There’s a load on your chest. Can’t do with out it. It was free & then they taxed it. Speech was free. Now you pay for it. On the Wall street. On the highway. Information costs big bucks. Wit [...]

Losing his Raj over the 2G Spectrum- A. Raja

by Aditi Mallick After a lot of finger pointing and washing dirty linen in public, The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Saturday filed its first charge sheet in the 2G spectrum scam. The CBI slapped charges of criminal conspiracy, cheating, forgery, and sections of the Prevention of Corruption Act against A Raja and his aides. The people [...]

The Hijab: From the Side That Is Covered

        – Saachi Sharma   With France banning its use in public offices and state schools and the Shiv Sena calling for a ban on the Burkha (which is inclusive of the headscarf) for ‘security reasons’, the good old debate has made a comeback. The Hijab has traditionally been perceived as symbolic [...]

How Politics Ruined Kashipur, A Tribal Dominated Block in Orissa

      -Saachi Sharma Kashipur, one of the 11 blocks in the tribal-dominated Rayagada district of Orissa, is famous for being infamous. In this hilly area devoid of any administrative, medicinal or welfare network, acute poverty had percolated to the very bottom of it’s almost non–existent social hierarchy (they follow a system of community [...]

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